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Stump grinding and removal requires a tailored approach as each piece of land and each stump is different. As a skilled arborist, we are highly knowledgeable about all common types of tree stump found in the Tauranga and Waikato areas. We also have experience removing stumps from less common trees. We’ll look after your property during the work, we operate effective safety procedures, and we have public liability insurance cover.

At Bay Stump Grinding, we believe in providing affordable stump removal services. You can also expect a friendly service with expert advice, plus we’ll leave the work area tidy once the job is complete.

We also offer additional services. This includes removing the stump and chip waste as well as related landscaping services such as top-soiling and re-seeding the area where we removed the stump from your Tauranga or Waikato property.

Challenging Stump Removal Projects-

Some stump removal projects are more challenging than others. The more complex projects include those where it is impossible to get large equipment into your yard and where the surface is uneven.

At Bay Stump Grinding, we specialise in complex projects, including those where access to the yard is limited, making it difficult for larger machines to reach the stump. We can also help if the stump you want removed is on uneven or sloping ground, or if it is close to a fence or wall.

For these types of jobs, we’ll usually use a small hand-held machine that is highly efficient and effective, while also allowing us to access almost any location, operating on uneven surfaces and where there is limited space. Our equipment is well-maintained and reliable, plus we’ll ensure it is operated safely.

In addition to the above, we’ll also do everything that we can to look after your property. This includes when accessing the stump and transporting equipment into your yard, as well as during the stump removal work.

Cutting down an unwanted or dead tree is only part of the job of removing it completely from your property. This is because most tree felling services leave the stump in the ground. Our stump removal services are the solution.

We have equipment suitable for removing any type or size of stump in almost any location. This includes in yards and other locations where access for large equipment is impossible. In general, if we can reach the stump, our equipment will be able to reach it too.

We operate safely, and we are covered by liability insurance.

Plus, we’ll ensure maximum care for your property during the work. This includes taking steps to avoid causing damage to the area around the stump being removed as well as being careful while moving equipment in and out of your property.

You’ll also get an affordable price when you choose us for your stump removal needs. Call 027 357 5083 today to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Advantages of Stump Removal-

-Improve the appearance of your yard.
-Makes it possible for you to landscape the area or replant.
-Removes an area that can be used by insects and other pests.
-Prevents people from tripping over the stump.
-Stops your mower being damaged.
-Makes it easier to mow and care for your lawn.

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